Follow your star

Follow your star. It is a saying I frequently heard while growing up. I grew up in the coastal settlement where pleasure was revered. Our school was a mile from the beach. At this time, I was so much absorbed in peer groups that I would only do things the peer group approved. If something was not approved by the peer group, however good it was, it wouldn’t withstand ridicule. I remember we would go swimming during the lunch break even though it was against the school regulations. I was forced to flock with the birds I was with. With time, flocking with became so difficult.

A series of immoral behavior started winning favour of the majority. Some plunged into smoking, some into drinking, and some into partying while others into promiscuity. I didn’t know much about discipline and religion at that time, but something within couldn’t allow me to jump into any. Again, I heard the same saying, follow your star.

I was in a cobweb of confusion. What was at stake was loosing friends or my destiny, I needed both. I would get peace when I thought of loosing friends and doing what was right. When I thought of keeping the friends, I would be in endless agitation. The gulf between me and them widened, and soon, I had a few friends. It was then that a total shift happened in my life and great changes took place.

I started experiencing an amazing taste of things that were tasteless before. In fact, I developed strong belief in my potential and the dream for my future became so apparent. The things I started doing, although I seemed to be lonely, made my life amusing. My spirit and my soul were at rest. Could it be that I was following the light my of my star? I was yet to discover.

As I was quenching my curiosity, I came across the story of the wise men in the bible, who literary followed the star of Jesus and they were able to locate where he was. When they asked direction from men, they didn’t found any clear direction until they continued following His star. Surprisingly, the star stopped exactly above where Jesus was born. The star, it seems, is packed with everything life can supply.

Since then, it has been easy to make critical decisions because the star gives the bearing. Amidst trial and tempest, I look at my star and I gather courage to push on. If you know your star, you will ever be courageous. The knowledge of the star spells out fear and anxiety. The star is also within the perfect will of the master of the universe.

The loud voices of the society cannot give a clear direction of where you are supposed to be. Some lucrative opportunities are dangerous. Whereas other opportunities appear good and acceptable in the society, they defy your urge to follow your star. The best advice I can give you today is to follow your star. Your purpose leads you to your destiny. Know your purpose and follow what you are meant to be. It gives life it’s true meaning

Written by: Rafiki Karisa, CHRP-K

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