Ignorance is Not an Option

Knowledge is the antidote of most painful experiences in life. Most of the time, it’s painful because one don’t know. People despise knowledge blankly. Spiritually, economically, socially or professionally, knowledge has been the strongest pillar of progression and advancement. The higher the level of knowledge (not necessarily education) of the principles of life, the higher the chances for progression. Men who have excellent skills and knowledge in their area of practice, more often than not are esteemed. As one advances on age, they are expected to amass a lot of knowledge so that with experience they can turn out to be gurus in their fields. That’s what life demands!

Superficial knowledge is a measure of mediocrity. People should commit to lifelong learning, the best choice. Every day and every person presents an opportunity to acquire knew skills, insights and information that would be helpful in taking the best foot forward. If people grow old and they are not aware of simple principles of life, then serious grave mistakes are the results. Note that the perfect price for freedom is knowledge and truth.

All people should understand in depth simple life principles like giving, honor, conviction, fellowship, networking, humanity, commitment and planning . Simple facets of life, when well understood, triggers transformational moments. If life is not well lived, it losses meaning altogether. People make acute slips on imperative issues of life.

Most of the time, people can avoid pain. Yes, people can avoid pain. However, it requires commitment to learning. It’s a popular statement that you pay the price then enjoy life or you enjoy life then pay the price. I say; you learn then decide or you learn after deciding. The difference is enormous. If you make a wrong decision, then you will learn from your mistake. There’s a chance for everybody to learn from others or before mistakes.

The history is full of lessons about principle of life. So, we need to learn from history. Yet, the greatest undoing of most young people is that they don’t want to learn from history. “We learn from history that we do not learn from history”- Hegel. Nothing is new, history repeats. People choose to be in the dark. There are many useful sources of knowledge . Millions of books and thousands of documentaries are available. One can always get a free book or documentary on matter at hand. Content is nowadays free, therefore, there are no excuses for ignorance.   

In a world where knowledge is free, you can’t afford ignorance. I believe that ignorance is the most expensive thing that life has ever sold. Why then go for an expensive option, if the best option is free? Just asking!

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