Observing the Seasons

Times are changing, and the clock is ticking. Studies show that four years from now, jobs that have never been will comprise 60% of jobs in the job market. Studies reveal that new inventions and innovations will result in the emergence of new jobs. The traditional workplace is being faced out, and the majority of people are working from home. It is not a strange thing to hear this.

Some of the jobs like graphic designer, web designer, customer care, among many are not done in the traditional workplace but rather freelanced. Homes are turning to offices, and the majority of people are working from their houses.

We have already witnessed a reduced size of queues in the banking sector as most people are embracing mobile and internet banking. Most banks have two to three tellers. Some banks have introduced self-service machines in their banking halls such that you meet the teller only when the amount you are transacting requires declaration as provided by the central bank of Kenya. There is a total change in every sector of the economy.

Brokers are being replaced because producers can connect directly with consumers. Traditional media advertising is being replaced with social media. As long as one has over one hundred thousand followers, businesses use such people since they have proved to be more effective in marketing than traditional media. Entrepreneurs have moved from physical to online stores and shops.

Grand changes are happening. What is the way out? Change is fast doing away with what we dearly treasured, and thought was the idea. There is high pressure to remain relevant or else suffer the pain of rigidity.

How do you remain relevant in whatever change that will take place? Firstly, follow your star by embracing your unique gift. The gift you have is and will be needed regardless of the time. Gifts cannot be replaced with technology because gifts lead people to ministry. As long as people live, they will need the ministry of the gift you possess. If you are gifted in writing, write. If you are gifted in leadership, lead; giving, give; preaching, preach; building, build; treating, treat.

The danger of not embracing your gift is being easily replaceable. Refuse to be easily replaceable by dominating your area of gifting, and you will not be anxious about what is happening. Do it with all your might, your strength, and all your resources. Invest every minute towards it, and it will pay you back. Above all, learn to observe seasons.

Secondly, integrate your gift with the existing technology. It is sad, for example, some musicians still think that they will sell their physical DVDs. Content, nowadays, is free, and what you spend all your life building will be more fruitful if you integrate it with the latest technology. Whatever professions you are pursuing or whatever industry you are carrying out your business, most of those who succeed are embracing the newest technology. Remember, therefore, to integrate technology into your brand.

Lastly, be a thinker. The brain is the most resourceful organ of the body. Thinking will help you become creative in whatever you are doing. Many clients appreciate creativity and marvel at every creative work or idea. They say ideas rule the world, and I am telling you ideas transform. Make it a habit of engaging your mind so that you don’t become a copycat.

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