Labour Pain Perspectives

A child is born in pain. The entire delivery period is not a celebration moment. Conversely, it is a moment of anxiety, pain, fear, and trauma. Some mothers due to the stress and pain associated with the entire delivery process undergo what is commonly known as postpartum depression. Postpartum depression is just an indicator that the entire delivery process is a traumatic experience.

Taking a few steps back in the pregnancy period and see how it begins, during the first trimester, when changes begin to show up, many mothers are swallowed in discomfort. Studies show that only a small percentage of women are excited about pregnancy but most experience a lot of discomforts.

When changes start taking place, mothers continue to carry the pregnancy with the expectation that the 270th day will finally come. Most are careful about diet, activities they do, places they visit, and their behavior to incubate the baby securely. The unborn are treated with a lot of caution with greater attention to every change that takes place with its possible interpretation. If there are people who are kin to details, are pregnant mothers.

After the nine months of nurture, self-discipline, and expectation, instead of a thrill, pain hints that the promise is about to be delivered. It is incredible how every woman waits for the labor pain to come. Almost every pregnant woman expects pain before getting what they have been carrying for months. Labour pain comes with confusion, anxiety but at the same time a relief that I have finished the journey.

Dreams are incubated from the idea conception to the achievement. When an idea strikes, there is a lot of excitement but immediately after taking the first steps, doubt, fear, and uncertainty appear. At this stage, some give up; it can either be abortion or miscarriage in maternal health. The only assurance that the baby is going to be born is by keeping the pregnancy whatever goes around.

During pregnancy, there is a lot of behavioral alertness, so is during the dream incubation period. While incubating dreams self-control is a necessity. All people who attain extraordinary achievements show a high sense of discipline from sports to career. There is a lot of temptation to squander time, opportunities, and resources; self-control is, therefore, a significant ingredient of success.

People with high adversity quotient (AQ), studies show, can accomplish more than people with high intelligence quotient (IQ). The ability to withstand pain and overcome traumatic encounters without experience mental illness (adversity quotient) is something that can be learnt and improved. When you expect heaven, then the hell breaks loose, you lose focus. When you prepare for the worst and then expect the best, you will always emerge stronger and victorious.

We all know that there is time to saw, build, die, scatter, lose, war, and pain. However, most people expect life to be one long sweet song that has never been to anybody. When the son of God was on earth, he went through tough times; he was betrayed, denied, and criticized. He mastered the seasons and new that there was time for everything under the sun

The world is full of endless opportunities. Most opportunities come during traumatic and painful circumstances, and that is why most people miss them out. Remaining optimistic and alert during your labour pain is not an option because it is only during the labour pain when most babies (opportunities) are born.

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  1. “expects pain before getting what they have been carrying for months.”
    I love the message, it’s more didactic.

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