Flipping the Pages

Flipping the Pages

Life is like a story broken into chapters, and chapters into pages, then into paragraphs, sentences into words, and words into letters. If you are to move ahead, then you should move from letters into words until the whole story is formed. No word can be formed without letters and so is a story without chapters. It is the small steps that count, small beginnings should be celebrated.

Some scenes in a novel may be enthralling whereas some may be depressing. To enjoy the entire story, you shouldn’t be stuck in either scene. Sometimes, you are forced to leave thrilling pages of a story and move into the heart-breaking part of a story. Some pages are full of drama, others engrossing while others are plain.

My desire when reading, however, is to enjoy the full story. Sometimes I don’t know how pages flip because the story is engrossing, when it gets plain; I force myself to flip the pages. Not every part of a story is entertaining, some parts are written for us to pick some lessons. What is important is to continue flipping the pages regardless of its mood.

Did you know that if you continue thinking about the previous chapter, you can’t enjoy the current? You have to get over every chapter as you move on, that way; you will know the value of every phrase. The beginning of any story cannot capture every character. As you continue reading, a writer will also introduce you to other characters; some are nice while some are nasty.

For the main character to be a hero, conflict will be introduced into the narration. Conflict always keeps the reader alert and curious to know what happens next. Conflict is what makes a story memorable. Picking a book to read requires commitment and curiosity. Curiosity to know what will take place next is what keeps the reader glued to the pages.

Sometimes we may be able to predict what will happen at the end but most of the time we are not able to do so. Remember, the goal is to enjoy the entire story. Life is like a story, you are the main character in your life. Most of the people around you are readers; with nothing to do with how the story will develop.

You are the one to shape the story. Some of the chapters are so sweet that leaving them is hard, but always remember to flip the pages so that you can enjoy the entire story. Some characters are nasty while some are nice; make the best out of them. They all make your life’s story.

Have you ever sat and told yourself your own story. Try it. Listen to your story and rank it. The quality of your story depends on how well you handled your dilemmas. If you handled them poorly, class it as a tragedy. Nevertheless, if you handled them well, then group it as heroic.

In case your story turned into a tragedy, you still have many plain pages. Take a break and rethink your life. Thereafter, start writing new chapters, probably it may be the most heroic story the earth has ever recorded. Learn to flip pages despite what happens. Enter into new chapters. If you stick with the current chapter, you will miss out on other amusing chapters of your life.

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