Rhythmic Thinking

Somehow, every culture appreciates music and poetry. Most cultural, religious, and secular celebrations are rarely considered successful if nice music or poetry is not presented. There may be different reasons why music and poetry are highly appreciated across the board. Maybe it speaks directly to our souls rather than to our logic. I happen to enjoy listening to music too. Don’t ask me what genre!

When a guitarist pulls his guitar, and slowly carries the belt across his shoulder and there you go; a string is carefully pulled, pulled so rhythmically that feelings align to the rhythm. What if a saxophonist pulls his saxophone, places it in his mouth, and slowly blows it? What an amazing experience to the music lovers!

Thinking is rhythmic because life is like a song that everyone must play. If rhythms follow the patterns of a song, the song becomes exciting and entertaining. You can easily be amazed at how many times you play and replay a song that is sweet to hear, one that has been played skillfully. Since life is like a song and thinking is supposed to be aligned to the patterns of life, then thinking is rhythmic.

An instrumentalist playing for a skillful singer and decides to play another song makes the instrument lose its value. People can start resenting the instrument, not because it is bad but because of the discord it has caused. Instruments have been misused in the past, this has no insinuation whatsoever that instruments are bad. Thinking has also suffered the same tragedy; because it has been abused by people who didn’t follow life’s rhythm. That doesn’t make thinking in itself something negative.

There is a class of people who think that life is about partying and merry, unfortunately, this category of people when faced with life’s sour phase, they get shocked. The pattern of life requires them to adjust to providing solutions. However, because there is discord in the thinking notes, then everything runs out of hands. There is a class of people who think that life is all about challenges, when there are opportunities for success and celebration, they become suspicious and as a result, continue to suffer for their entire life.

Many people are stuck in one level of life. They continue to play and replay one stanza of a life over and over at a time they are supposed to be playing another stanza. Domination of a few words that are repeated in the song, psychologists will tell you, gets the brain drowsy. It’s exhaustive. When you continue thinking about one stage of life over and over, whether a success or failure, it exhausts the brain. The best instrumentalist will always continue to other stanzas as the song master directs.

Stanzas change; stages of life change, and so should thinking. The song is long, so let’s play it. Let’s appreciate every note of this song called life. Rhythmic thinking requires us to appreciate every phase of life. The brain requires to be present at each stage because neither yesterday’s blues nor future obsession cannot make life exciting. They say live one day at a time, I say live one minute at a time.

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