The Uncharted Routes

It is easier for anyone to use already established routes than uncharted ones. Yes, it is easy when you have a clear direction of where you are going. It is extremely easy for anyone to achieve their goals if there is already a person they know who has ever achieved the same. That is extremely easy. It is very easy when you have a clear direction of where you are heading to or if it is a place you have been. It is easy when you have a mentor, role model or a family member who have already recorded higher achievements equal to or higher than your desired destination. It is more easier when there is already a available resources for one to pursue their goals and dreams.

Patterns of life reveals a distinct group of people, whose, a larger phase of their lives are unpredictable and unfamiliar. Persons in this cluster normally find themselves on unfamiliar routes. Most of the time, nobody is able to give a clear direction to their destination. They tread on the rugged terrains of life. They take routes unknown to themselves and to others, and sometimes they land in strange destinations. Unfamiliarity in their routes fills their hearts with fear and anxieties. In fact they have all the reasons to fear and to be anxious.

If you’re driving, you use already constructed road. However, if you have to build a road from scratch through a forest, there is a big difference. Driving is easy, but constructing a road is tough, expensive, and time intensive. Sometimes, this category of people have to build from scratch for others and themselves to drive.

If you have been keen, those who come later as drivers will move faster. Drivers enjoy their ride but builders take their time, efforts, and expertise to build. Building is slower than driving. When builders and drivers meet, their perspectives are divergent.

Builders will have to dig deeper to get the rock and set their foundation, drivers cruise as fast as they can to arrive at their destination. Sometimes builders have to take a few steps and inspect what they have done. If their work meet the minimum threshold to support future activities. On the other hand, drivers will check their watches and find out if they are driving fast enough to arrive at their destination on time.

If you have a driver’s mentality when building, you are likely to miss the point. Most drivers, as far as I know, once they get to a poor road, they complain. Builders on the other hand will always look for where there is a poor condition, correct it. Driver’s mentality with a builder’s life responsibility is laughable. Using driver’s mentality is therefore self-destruction for such a case. On the other hand, using a builder mentality on an already constructed road is time and resources ineffective.

If you have to chart your own life’s journey, embrace it. In most cases, you may not have a life to benchmark with. Nothing may seem similar to your situation. If you have to chart your route pain is extensive. The delay is unbearable but your life may open up opportunities, and even improve the accessibility of blessings. And who knows if that is the purpose of your life?

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  1. Oriango Kevin

    The narrative skillfully weaves adventure and introspection, offering a refreshing take on self-discovery. The overall execution and prose make it a delightful exploration of uncharted literary terrain.

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